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Fran and Sandrine's Favourite Landscape Suppliers List

With over 15 years’ experience of raising or overseeing, purchase orders for the landscaping industries to the value of £35million, between us with thing we know a thing or two about which suppliers give excellent customer service.

We are friends from the school gates and our youngest children were in the same class. When I wanted to move onto a new position, I recommended Sandrine to take my place and we both worked for Belderbos Landscapes. We know residential landscapes. I went on to work for idverde, eventually working on Tideway West, so know a thing of two about public realms spaces too.

We were recently catching up at RHS Wisely which is what us gardeners turned landscaping business support workers do for fun. Sharing notes on what it means to be a RHS Org Admin.  Sandrine recently at RHS Cheslea and myself working on RHS Hampton Court.

Having had a lovely chat and walk to see the newly redone Pied Oudolf boarders we shared our information on suppliers over lunch, which has resulted in the List of our favourite suppliers.

I am sharing it here as it hopefully will be a useful resource for young landscapers and garden designers and maybe even a few landscape architects out there, who know what they want but not who is the supplier with the best customer service.

To all the suppliers on this list, a big heartfelt thank you, for doing what you do, so well.

List compiled by Fran Handley of Landscaping VA and Sandrine Stilitz of The Landscape Consultants.

June 2024

favourite suppliers
Download PDF • 155KB

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